Technology for cable laying and overhead power lines

• Energy cable laying technology up to 400 kV
• Fibre optic cable and Micro-Cabling blowing technology
• Overhead power line construction technology up to 110 kV
• Cable winding and length measuring technology
• Seminars for cable layer

Vetter - the address for your success

  • 40 years experience in the whole cable laying technology
  • 20 years experience in FOC blowing-in technology
  • 20 years organizer of cable laying seminars
  • Thousands of customers european- and worldwide benefit of these experiences
  • Participation at big cable laying projects worldwide
  • As well your jobs can be solved from our experienced consultants

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Technology for cable laying and overhead lines

These are the tasks that you want to fulfil with success for yourselves and for your customers. They require not only technical resources, but above all experience and thorough preparation, all of which allow the work to be carried out quickly, with high quality and without significant delays.

Vetter GmbH offers you everything you need to reach these goals. Our team of advisers has decades of – also practical - experience and is on hand to offer you assistance whenever you need it.

By being able to concentrate on your business, you will, like so many Vetter customers around the world, quickly identify the benefits of a friendly collaboration with us.

Your Vetter team.

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